3 Tips to Build Your Marketing Base and Business

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Any Internet Marketer who tries to convince herself that she has learned all there is to know about online marketing is just setting herself up to fail in the future. There is always new information coming out just about every day of the week. That is why you should keep up on developments--in your industry in the other industries and in the government.

If you're cringing just thinking about taking on yet more marketing, then perhaps you should give it some thought. All I'm saying is there is more you can do for your business, and this often entails doing more and different marketing. Once you start dragging your feet, then that is a downward spiral that will only come back to bite you. Business just does not work that way and never has unless you make enough to pay others to run your business. I know people who refuse to pay for traffic or advertising in any fashion, and that's fine just as long as nothing changes. 

Do you have any working knowledge of pre-selling copy or have you figured out exactly what that is? When you don't feel confident about that, you need to do some work because this is a kind of marketing knowledge that you need to have in your arsenal. Pre-selling is an activity that doesn't immediately try to sell anything because it employs a tone that is neutral instead of sales-oriented. You want to work hard to keep your readers from feeling like they are being actively sold to when they read this copy. So that is the challenge because it's not as easy to do as you may think. If you have never written pre-sell copy before you'll see what we mean on your first trip out. Pre-sell copy can be hugely effective when you want to open the minds of the people reading your site. It can also be really effective in reducing their resistance to the sales copy you eventually publish.

You may have a need one day for taking care of your web business reputation, and you never know what can cause it. Sometimes an unhappy customer will post a review or something somewhere that is inaccurate. You can salvage your business rep just by showing up and going on the counter offensive with the truth. Set up Google Alerts for your name and company name, or product, and then just monitor the web, and if anyone posts something using your Alert keywords, you'll find out about it. This is the fun part about online business because it's really under your control. Moving out ahead of the others means you have to go farther and do more. You want to know how to improve your business processes- this is the way.

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